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ORDINANCEl <br /> AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING A CHARTER FOR THE CITY OF TIFFIN, IOWA, <br /> EMBODYING THE EXISTING FORM OF GOVERNMENT ON JULY 31, 1975.. <br /> Be it Enacted by the Council of the City of Tiffin, Iowa: <br /> SECTION 1, Purpose. The purpose of this ordinance is to provide <br /> for a charter embodying the form of government existing on July 31, 1975. <br /> SECTION 2;, Charter. This ordinance may be cited as the Charter <br /> of the City of Tiffin, Iowa, <br /> SECTION 3. Form of Government. The form of government of City of <br /> Tiffin, Iowa, is the Mayor-Council form of government. <br /> SECTION 4. Powers and Duties. The council and mayor and other <br /> city officers have such powers and shall perform such duties as are authorized <br /> or required by state law and by the ordinances, resolutions, rules and <br /> regulations of the City of Tiffin, Iowa. <br /> SECTION 5. Number and Term of Council. The council consists of <br /> five (5) councilmen elected at large, for terms of two (2) years. <br /> SECTION 6. Term of Mayor. The mayor is elected for a term of <br /> two (2) years. <br /> SECTION 7. Copies on file. The city clerk shall keep an official <br /> copy of this charter on file with the official records of the city clerk, shall <br /> immediately file a copy with the Secretary of State of Iowa, and shall keep <br /> copies of the charter available at theacity clerk's office for public inspection, <br /> SECTION 8. When Effective. This ordinance is in effect after its <br /> final passage, approval and publication as required by law. <br /> Passed by the Council the 13th d•- of August, 1975, and approved <br /> this 13th day of August, 1975. <br /> ' 1 , <br /> ayor <br /> Attest:A_ I,L% 4101°, / • <br /> • <br /> Cler�� <br />