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. I <br /> ORDINANCE NO. <br /> AN ORDINANCE CREATING THE OFFICE OF CITY CLERK- TREASURER AND <br /> NAMING THE DUTIES OF THE OFFICE. <br /> Be It Ordained by the Council of the City of Tiffin, Iowa: <br /> SECTION 1. There is hereby created the office of City Clerk-Treasurer <br /> to be appointed by the city council at the first meeting of January following a <br /> regular city election for a two-year term commencing on that date and continuing. <br /> until a successor is appointed and qualified. <br /> SECTION 2. The city clerk-treasurer shall have the following duties: <br /> 1. Oaths: He shall administer oaths of office to any city officer who is <br /> required`to give an oath. <br /> 2. Secretary. Attend all meetings of the council and its committees. He <br /> shall record and preserve a correct record of the proceedings of such meetings <br /> and post.a summary of council proceedings immediately after each regular or <br /> special meeting, in the manner required by law. He shall post all ordinances <br /> immediately after passage and approval by council, and keep an ordinance book, <br /> authenticating each ordinance and certifying as to the time'and manner of pub- <br /> lication. <br /> 3. Accounting.' He shall be the chief accounting officer of the city and; <br /> A) Keep separate accounts for every appropriation, department, public <br /> improvement or undertaking, in the manner provided by law. <br /> B) Keep an account of all cash, investments, accounts receivable and <br /> property received by, due to, or in the custody of the city and to give <br /> a receipt immediately upon cash coming into his hands specifying the date, <br /> from whom,' for what account, and record each transaction in the correct <br /> fund as required by law, and council direction where not specified by law. <br /> C) Keep accounts for cash disbursed, purchase and contract commitments, <br /> and property disposed of or sold'by the city, specifying the date and to <br /> whom paid and record each transaction in the correct fund as 'required by <br /> law, and council direction where not specified by law. <br /> D) Maintain the budgetary accounts required by law or rules of the city <br /> finance committee of the state, and as further directed by council as <br /> permitted by law. <br /> E) Prepare and publish all financial and budgetary reports required by <br /> law and the council, and the list of claims in the manner specified by law. <br /> 4. .Custody of funds, the treasury. <br /> A) Immediately upon receipt of moneys to be held in his custody and belong- <br /> ing to the municipality deposit the same in banks selected by the council in <br /> amounts not exceeding the monetary limits authorized by the council. <br /> B) File the council's depository declaration with the county and state <br /> treasurers in January each year and at other times when necessary. <br />