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• a <br /> t - <br /> • <br /> PROCEEDINGS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br /> COUNCIL CHAMBERS Tiffin , IOWA <br /> SPECIAL MEETING <br /> The city council of the city of - Tiffin Iowa, <br /> met in special session at 7:45- - - o'clock P. M. on the 24th day of <br /> May , 1978 , upon the call of the Mayor pursuant to the following <br /> written notice given each member of the Council, to-wit: - <br /> "NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING 0-F THE <br /> _ CITY COUNCIL OF Tiffin --, IOWA = • <br /> Notice is hereby given that a special meeting of the city <br /> - council of the city of Tiffin , 'Iowa, will be held <br /> in the Council Chambers in said city at 7.30 o'clock <br /> P. M. of the 24th day of May ,.19 78 , for the <br /> purpose of considering an Ordinance granting to GENERAL <br /> TELEPHONE COMPANY OF THE MIDWEST a renewal of <br /> its franchise to erect, maintain and operate a general <br /> telephone system or systems, local and long distance, in <br /> said city and to use its streets, avenues, alleys, highways, <br /> bridges and public places for such purposes; also to con- <br /> sider a resolution calling a special election to submit said <br /> Ordinance to the voters of the municipality and to take up <br /> such other matters as 'may come before the Council. • <br /> Roger Formanek - <br /> Mayor of the city of Tiffin <br /> Iowa. <br /> The_undersigned, members of the city council of the city <br /> of Tiffin , Iowa, hereby accept service of the <br /> foregoing Notice of Special Council Meeting this 10th day <br /> of May - , 19 7 8 • <br /> Glenn Potter - <br /> • Tom Morgan <br /> • Janis Stratton <br /> Richard Sheridan <br /> • <br /> Said Notice bearing the acceptances of the members of the Council and/or <br /> returns of service thereof is on file with the Clerk of the municipality and is <br /> a part of its records. <br /> B1 7-1-75 <br />