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• <br /> ""'"'• AN .ORDINANCE CREATING A PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION <br /> FOR TIE TOWN OF TIFFIN, IOWA <br /> Be It Enacted by the Council of the Town of Tiffin, Iowa : - <br /> SECTION 1. Planning and zoning commission created: There is <br /> hereby created a town planning and zoning commission, composed of <br /> seven residents of the town of Tiffin who shall be aualifi•ed by <br /> knowledge and experience to act in natters pertaining to the develop= <br /> • <br /> ment .of town planning and zoning, none of whom shall hold any elective <br /> . position in said town. Such members shall be appointed by the town <br /> council. <br /> SECTION 2'. • Term of office . The term of offic- <br /> e of said members • <br /> shall 'be five years , except that the members first named shall hold <br /> office for such -terms , not exceeding five years , that the terms of <br /> not more than one-third of the members will expire in any one . year. <br /> Any vacancy occurring on the commission, caused by resignation or <br /> otherwise , shall be filled by the council for the unexpired term. <br /> • All members rof such commission shall serve 'without compensation ex- <br /> cept their actual expenses which shall be subject to the approval <br /> of the council. <br /> SEUTION 3. Powers. Said commission shall have and possess the <br /> • <br /> --' following powers, and such other powers as may be incidental to the <br /> successful carrying out of the powers vested in it herein or such as <br /> may be expressly conferred upon it by law : <br /> 1. 4 To make such surveys , studies, maps , plans or plats of the <br /> Whole or any portion of the town and of any land outside thereof, ' <br /> which in the opinion of such commission bears relation to a com- <br /> prehensive plan, and shall submit such plan to the council with its <br /> studies and recommendation and it may publish the same . <br /> 2. To prepare a. comprehensive plan regarding the height , <br /> • number of stories and size of buildings and other structures; the <br /> percentage of ground that may be occupied; the size of yards, courts <br /> and other open spaces; the density of population; and ,the location <br /> and use of buildings , structures , and land for trade, industry, resi- • <br /> dente, • or other purposes and to this end shall prepare a preliminary <br /> report and hold public meetings thereon and after such hearings have <br /> been held, to submit its final report and recommendations to, the town <br /> council. <br /> 3. To recommend to the town council , from time to time, as - <br /> conditions require , aniendmenti, supplements , changes or modifications <br /> in the comprehensive plan prepared by `it. <br /> * <br /> SECTION u, Repealer. . All ordinances or parts of ot.nances in <br /> conflict tith the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed. ; <br /> SECTION 5. Saving clause . If any section, provision, or part <br /> -of this ordinance shall be adjudged to be invalid or unconstitutional,' <br /> such adjudication shall not affects the validity of the -ordinance as a <br /> whole or any section, provision or part thereof not adjudged invalid <br />• . or -unconstitutional. •. <br /> • J l7 i y ... ,._. <br />. SECTION 6. When effective . This ordinance shall be in effect <br /> after its final passage , approval and publics.,tian as provided by law. . <br /> • Passed by the Council the I -1 day of ht•..u_..e,G„ , 19 4 3 <br /> and approved this (1 day of • tl e,w 19 h <br /> • <br /> '/ A • _______ <br /> YOR <br /> Attest: &L- C A. d Zo-o-Le-) <br /> • <br /> CLa tK -4 <br />