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, ... <br /> ' <br /> _ . <br />, . <br /> . , ORDINANCE NO. 55 ,___. - - ,-ti <br /> -. <br /> . <br /> .--- <br /> , <br /> , AN ORDINANCE REGULATING CONNECTIONS WITH THE MUNICIPAL SANITARY <br /> SEWER SYSTEM . <br /> . . <br /> Be It Enacted by the Douncil. of the Town of Tiffin: <br /> SECTION 1. Purpose . The purpose of this ordinance is to estab- <br /> lish the procedure and regulations to be followed in making private <br /> oonnectiorto the public sanitary sewers of this town in order to <br /> protect the public health, safety and welfare. <br /> SECTION 2. Definitions. For use 'within this ordinance the fol- <br /> lowing terms are. defintd,1 : <br /> A "Public sewer" is a common sanitary sewer directly controlled <br /> by public authority . <br /> A "private sewer" is a sanitary building drain an sever privately <br /> owned and not directly controlled, by publib authority. <br /> A "sanitary sewer" is a -pipe that carries sewage and excludes <br /> storm , surface and ground water. <br /> A "building dyiIn" is that part of the lowest piping of a drain- <br /> age system that receives the discharge from soil , waste and other <br /> drainage pipes inside the walls of the building and conveys it to the <br /> building sewer, which begins three feet outside the building wall. <br /> A "building sewer" is that part of the horizontal piping of a <br /> drainage system that extends from the end of the building drain, <br /> receiving the discharge of the building drain and conveying it to <br /> a public sanitary sewer, private sanitary sewer, individual sewage <br /> disposal system or other point of disposal . <br /> "Sewage" is any liquid waste containing animal or vegetable <br /> matter in suspension, or solution, and may include liquids containing <br /> chemicals in solution . . <br /> A, "person" means any indiVidual person, partnership, corpora- <br /> tion or other association. <br /> SECTION 3. Enforcement . The superintendent or designated repre- <br /> sentative of the counciriET11 supervise the installations of private --a <br /> sewers and their connections with public sewers in this town and enforce <br /> all regulations pertaining thereto in accordance with this ordinance. <br /> This ordinance shall apply to all replacements of existing sewers as <br /> well as to new sewers . The superintendent or designated, representative <br /> of the council may Make such regulations as arenacessary and that do <br /> not conflict with this ordinance, <br /> SECTION 4• Adoption of state plumbing code. The installation of <br /> any private, sewer and its connection with a public sewer Shall comply <br /> fully with all pertinent and applicable provisions , whether regulatory , <br /> procedural or enforcement provisions , of the 1964. State Plumbing Code as <br /> published in accordance with the provisions of chapter 135 , Code of Iowa <br /> 1962, and chapter 66 , Laws of the 60th General Assembly, Which are hereby <br /> adopted. An official copy of the 196L. State Plumbing Code as adopted <br /> and a certified copy of this ordinance are on file in the office of the <br /> b town. clerk for public inspection. <br /> - <br /> . ' SECTION 5 . License required. Any installation of a private sewer -, <br /> and its connection to a public sewer. Shall be made by a plumber licensed <br /> or given written approval by the town council. The superintendent or <br /> designated representative of the council shall have the power to suspend <br /> the license or approval of any plumber for violation of any of the pro- <br /> visions of this ordinance; a suspension, unless revoked, shall coninue <br /> until the next regular meeting of the town. council. The superintendent <br /> or designated representative of the council shall notify the plumber <br /> immediately by personal written notice of the suspension , the reasons <br /> for the suspension and the time and place of the council meeting at <br /> which he will be granted a hearing.. At this council meeting the super- . <br /> intendent or designated representative of the council shall make a <br /> written report to the council stating his reasons for the suspension, <br /> and the council, after fair hearing, shall revoke the suspension or take <br /> any further action that is necessary and proper. , <br /> _ a . <br />