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ORDINANCE NO. 57 <br /> AN ORDINANCE TO CREATE A SEWER. DISTRICT AND PROVIDE FOR SEWER RENTAL, <br /> SETTING FORTH RENTAL CHARGES AND THE MANNER IN WHICH THEY SHALL <br /> BE COLLECTED; AND PROVIDING PENALTIES THEREOF IN THE TOWN OF <br /> TIFFIN, IOWA <br /> Be It Ordained by -the Town Council of Tiffin, Iowa, as follows : <br /> Section 1-. Purpose : The purpose of this ordinance is -to collect <br /> from all users and future users of the town sewer system the cost <br /> in whole or in part of constructing and maintaining the sewer system <br /> and sewage treatment plant and/or the cost of purchasing sewage <br /> treatment services on a rental basis in proportion to the service <br /> provided by user. <br /> Section 2. District: The sewer district consists of the entire <br /> corporate limits of the Town of Tiffin, Iowa . <br /> Section 3. Sewer System Defined: For use within this ordinance, <br /> " sewer system'! •includes main sewers, sewage pumping stations, treat- <br /> ment and- disposal plants, lateral sewers, drainage conduits or <br /> channels , and sewer connections ,in°public streets for private property. <br /> Section 4. Who Shall Pay Rent : Every person, firm or corporation <br /> whose premises now or hereafter are directly or indirectly served by <br /> a connection to the town sewer system shall pay rent to the town <br /> at the rate and in the manner provided in Sections 5 and 6. <br /> Section 5 . Determination and Payment of Rent from Premises with <br /> Private Water Systems : Users whose premises have private water <br /> systems shall pay rent iii. proportion to the water used as determined <br /> by the duly authorized representative of the Council. This deter- <br />` mination may be based on an estimate agreed to by the official <br /> representative of the Town or the user. In the event that the Town <br /> and the user cannot reach an agreement as to the amount of water <br /> used, the Town may install a meter for the purpose of metering the <br /> water used, the cost df which shall be borne by the user. Sewer <br /> rental charges shall begin' in October 1965 , the effective date- of <br /> this ordinance, payable on a monthly basis. New users shall be <br /> billed. on the first month to the nearest half-month period, and on <br /> the first day of each month thereafter. All bills for such services <br /> shall be due and payable on or before the fifteenth day following <br /> the date they are rendered. If any bill is not paid on or before <br /> the fifteenth day aforesaid, a collection charge shall be added <br /> thereto in the amount of five per cent (5%) of the base charge . - - <br /> Section 6. Sewer Rental Charge Set :' The sewer ,rental charge for <br /> each single dwelling unit shall be 06.53 a month for the first <br /> twelve-month period to September 1966 and shall be reduced to $4.35 <br /> a month thereafter. All sewer rental charges paid by occupants <br /> previous to the effective date of this ordinance shall be applied <br /> and credited to the account of the user. Fees for an installation <br /> classed as a multiple user shall be charged as a multiple of the <br /> single dwelling unit and said sewer rental charge shall be approved <br /> by a resolution of the Council. <br /> Section 7. Occupant Pays Bills: The occupant of any premises shall <br /> pay all bills for sewer rent, repairs or supplies furnished to the <br /> premises; however, the municipality shall look to the owner only <br /> for the payment of all bills for sewer rent , repairs or supplies <br /> if not paid by the occupant. <br /> Section 8. -Property Lein and Suspending Service for Non-payment : <br /> The amount of rent charged, if not paid within sixty (60) days from <br /> the date due, shall constitute a lien upon that property served by <br />