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' F <br /> ORDINANCE NO, 57 <br /> AN ORDINANCE GRANTING TO IOWA-ILLINOIS <br /> GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY AND TO ITS <br /> SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS FOR A PERIOD OF <br /> TWENTY-FIVE YEARS THE RIGHT AND FRANCHISE <br /> TO ACQUIRE, ERECT, MAINTAIN AND OPERATE <br /> IN THE TOWN OF TIFFIN, JOHNSON COUNTY, <br /> IOWA,.A GAS PLANT OR PLANTS FOR THE :PRO- <br /> DUCTION, STORAGE, TRANSMISSION, DISTRI- <br /> BUTION, SALE, DELIVERY OR FURNISHING OF <br /> GAS FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE USE IN THE TOWN <br /> OF TIFFIN AND ELSEWHERE AND TO USE THE <br /> STREETS, AVENUES, ALLEYS AND PUBLIC <br /> GROUNDS AND BRIDGES IN THE TOWN OF <br /> TIFFIN FOR THE PURPOSE OF LAYING, .CON- <br /> = STRUCTING, MAINTAINING, REPLACING AND <br /> SUBSTITUTING MAINS, .PIPES, CONDUITS AND <br /> OTHER FACILITIES FOR THE TRANSMISSION, <br /> DISTRIBUTION, SALE, DELIVERY OR FURNISHING <br /> OF GAS FOR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE USE IN THE <br /> TOWN OF TI.FFIN AND ELSEWHERE. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED by the Town. Council of the Town of Tiffin, Iowa: <br /> Section. l , There is hereby granted to Iowa-Illinois Gas and <br /> Electric Company, an Illinois corporation authorized to do business in the <br /> State of Iowa, hereinafter called.the "Company, " and to its successors and <br /> assigns for a,period of 25 years from and after the effective date of this <br /> ordinance.the right and franchise to acquire, erect, maintain and operate <br /> in the .town of Tiffin, Johnson County, Iowa, a.gas plant or plants for the. <br /> production, ;storage, transmission, distribution, sale, delivery or furnishing <br /> of gas, either natural or manufactured or mixed natural and manufactured, <br /> for public and private use in..the,town.of Tiffin and elsewhere and to use <br />