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s . <br /> i <br /> 4 <br /> ' Form FHA Iowa 442-28 <br /> r (2-14-66) <br /> RULES AND REGULATION ORDINANCE <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 63 <br /> AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE RULES, REGULATIONS <br /> • AND CONDITIONS OF 'SERVICE OF THE. TOWN OF TIFFIJT <br /> TOHNSON COUNTY, IOWA, MUNICIPAL <br /> • WATERWORKS SYSTEM. <br /> WHEREAS; The Town of Tiffin, = Johnson County, Iowa, <br /> hereinafter called- municipality, has undertaken to construct a municipal <br /> waterworks system; and <br /> WHEREAS, the municipality is financing the� and <br /> system pursuant to Bond Ordinance N <br /> xxxxxxx has adopted <br /> . schedule of rates and charges by Ordinance No. 62. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, be-it ordained by the 'Mayor and ,town <br /> council of Tiffin Tohnson County, Iowa', <br /> as follows: <br /> 1. Property owner or` his agent, hereinafter}called customer, must make <br /> written application for water service at the Clerk's office of <br /> the municipality; and said application including service received there- <br />- under is unassignable by the customer. <br /> 2. All taps and connections to the mains of the municipality shall, be <br /> made by and/or under the direction and supervision of waterworks personnel. <br /> +° 3. The municipality;shall install and maintain at its expense that <br /> portion of the service from the main to -the lot or easement line, in- . <br /> cluding the necessary tap, fittings, and shut-off valve;• and .the <br /> customer shall install and maintain at its expense that portion of the <br /> service from said lot or easement line to his premises, including a <br /> stop and waste cock at the end of the house side of his, service. The <br /> minimum earth cover of the customer's service shall be five (5) feet. <br /> The company shall determine the size and kind of service to be installed. <br /> 4. Application may be cancelled and/or water service discontinued by, <br /> the municipality for any violation of any rule, regulation or condition <br /> of service, and especially for any of the following reasons: <br /> I <br /> (a) Misrepresentation in the application as to the property or ' <br /> fixtures -to be supplied or use to be made of water. <br /> (b) Failure to report to the municipality addition to the property <br /> or fixtures to the supplies or.additional use to be made of water. <br />