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rr <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 72 <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE #63 of the Ordinances of Tiffin, Iowa , <br /> said Ordinance #63 providing for the rules, regulations and conditions of <br /> services-of the Town of Tiffin, Johnson County, Iowa , Municipal Waterworks <br /> System. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF TIFFIN, IOWA. <br /> Section 1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this ordinapce is to amend the <br /> present Town of Tiffin Ordinance #63, sub-Paragraph #8 , so as to increase <br /> the charge for reconnection of water service and deposits. <br /> Section 2. AMENDMENT: Section 8 of Ordinance #63 of the Tiffin <br /> Town Ordinances is repealed and the.following Section 8-is substituted in <br /> lieu thereof: <br /> Section 8: Where the water supply to a customer has been <br /> discontinued for nonpayment of delinquent water bills, a charge of $25.00 <br /> will be made for reconnection of water service and the connections will <br /> not be made until after all delinquent bills and other charges, if any, owed <br /> by the customer to the municipality, have been paid. The City may also <br /> require a deposit of $100.00 at the time of reconnection. <br /> Section 3. REPEALER: All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict <br /> with the provisions of this ordinance are repealed. <br /> Section 4. SAVING CLAUSE: If any section, provision, or part of this <br /> ordinance shall be adjudged to'be invalid or unconstitutional, such adjudication <br /> provision, or part thereof not adjudged invalid or unconstitutional. <br /> •r <br /> Section 5. WHEN EFFECTIVE: This Ordinance shall be in effect after its <br /> final passage, approval and publication as provided by law. <br /> On this 10th day of December , 1975, at a regular meeting of <br /> the Town Council of Tiffin, Iowa , Councilman Potter introduced <br /> and delivered to the Clerk, Ordinance No. 72 and moved that it be given <br /> its first reading. This was seconded by Councilman Janssen . <br /> Roll Call vote as follows: <br /> AYES: Roger Tanssen <br /> Tom Morgan NAYES: NONE <br /> Roger Formanek Motion Carried. <br /> Glenn Potter <br /> The first reading of the ordinance was completed and discussed and placed <br /> on record. <br />