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ORDINANCE NO. 73 <br /> ` AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING RATES FOR SERVICES, CHARGES FOR <br /> THE COLLECTION OF GARBAGE AND PROVIDING FOR THE COLLECTION OF <br /> GARBAGE WITHIN THE CITY OF TIFFIN BY CONTRACT WITH ONE OR MORE <br /> PRIVATE COLLECTORS. <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TIFFIN, IOWA. <br /> • <br /> SECTION 1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this ordinance is to provide <br /> for the collection and disposal of garbage from residential properties in the <br /> City of Tiffin , Iowa, and to provide service charge rates on a uniform and <br /> equitable basis for the collection and disposal of garbage. <br /> SECTION 2. RESPONSIBILITY: The City shall provide garbage collection - <br /> once each week for each dwelling unit located within the corporate limits of the <br /> City of Tiffin'by contract with one or more private garbage collectors. The City <br /> shall notify landowners of the regular day that garbage will be collected,' except <br /> • when the designated day falls on a holiday or collection is unable to be made <br /> because of inclimate conditions. <br /> SECTION 3. RATES AND CHARGES: The rate of charge for each occupied <br /> dwelling unit shall be determined yearly and shall be collected on a quarterly <br /> basis. Each landowner shall be notified in their July billing of the quarterly <br /> charge for the ensuing twelve month period. For those individual landowners <br /> of the City of Tiffin who are over the age of sixty-two, the rate on their home- <br /> stead shall be reduced by one-half, upon application being made to the City <br /> at the City Hall provided there is no more than one person under the age of <br /> sixty-two residing with the landowner. <br /> Statements for garbage collection service will'be sent to the householder <br /> in whose name the sewage bill;is listed upon the Town sewer records. :Unoccupied <br /> dwelling units will not be charged for garbage collection providing notice of <br /> vacancy of a dwelling unit be given to the City. Payment of the above charges <br /> • shall be paid the first of each quarter to the City of Tiffin, either by mail or at <br /> - • the City Hall, at such times as the City Council may designate. Any charge not <br /> paid'when due shall become a lien on the property served by the garbage collection <br /> ,system and shall be collected in the same manner as' other taxes. <br /> SECTION 4. DEFINITION OF DWELLING UNIT: For purposes of this <br /> ' ordinance, a dwelling unit shall have the same definition as has been established <br /> and set out in the Sewer'Ordinance No. 57 of the City of Tiffin, Iowa. <br /> • <br /> S F 4t3' Y s <br /> 5", hs*• <br /> Pj�lE1 L'1 <br /> WA, t'VJA <br /> .1 <br />