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• <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 76=1978 <br /> AN ORDINANCE GRANTING TO GENERAL TELEPHONE <br /> COMPANY OF THE MIDWEST, A CORPORATION, ITS <br /> SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, THE RIGHT AND PRIVILEGE <br /> TO ACQUIRE, CONSTRUCT, ,RECONSTRUCT, MAINTAIN, <br /> EXTEND AND OPERATE IN, UPON, THROUGH, OVER, <br /> UNDER, ALONG AND ACROSS THE PUBLIC STREETS, - <br /> ALLEYS, HIGHWAYS AND OTHER PASSAGEWAYS OR <br /> PUBLIC GROUNDS OF OR IN THE CITY OF Tiffin <br /> , IOWA, THE LINES, POLES, WIRES, STUBS; <br /> ANCHORS, CABLES, VAULTS, LATERALS, CONDUITS AND <br /> OTHER FIXTURES,. EQUIPMENT AND FACILITIES CON- <br /> STITUTING A TELEPHONE PLANT OR SYSTEM NECESSARY <br /> OR CONVENIENT FOR SUPPLYING TELEPHONE SERVICE <br /> AND COMMUNICATION BY TELEPHONE OR OTHER <br /> ELECTRICAL DEVICE, AND FOR CONDUCTING A GENERAL <br /> TELEPHONE BUSINESS, LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE, IN - <br /> AND ABOUT SAID MUNICIPALITY FOR A TERM OF TWENTY= <br /> FIVE YEARS; PRESCRIBING THE CONDITIONS OF. THE GRANT, <br /> AND PROVIDING FOR THE PROTECTION THEREOF. <br /> `—", BE IT ORDAINED- BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> Tiffin , IOWA: - <br /> -- Section 1. GENERAL TELEPHONE-COMPANY-OF THE MIDWEST, <br /> a corporation, its successors and assigns (hereinafter referred to as "Grantee" ), <br /> is hereby granted a franchise for a.period of twenty-five (25) years from the <br /> effective date of this ordinance to acquire, construct, reconstruct, maintain, <br /> extend and operate such telephone plant or system and such facilities thereof, <br /> including lines, poles, wires, stubs, anchors, cables, vaults, laterals, _con- <br /> duits and other fixtures and equipment in, upon, through, over, under, along <br /> and across the public streets, alleys, highways and other passageways or public <br /> grounds of or in the corporate limits of the city of Tiffin <br /> Iowa (hereinafter referred to as "Municipality"), as now or hereafter established, - <br /> as may be necessary and/or convenient for supplying to the citizens of the <br /> municipality, to adjacent rural areas and to the public at large telephone service, <br /> local, and long distance, and communication by telephone.or other electric sig- - <br /> nals, and for the conduct of a general telephone business therein. <br /> Section 2. Grantee's rights and privileges in the public ways and <br /> grounds of the municipality shall be exercised as follows: <br /> B3 7-1-75 <br />