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t <br /> e <br /> ORDINANCE' NO. /97 -7'1' <br /> AN PROHIBITING N ORDI A N NCE PROH BI ING PARKING IN RESTRICTED AREAS UPON <br /> THE PUBLIC STREETS WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY <br /> OF TIFFIN, IOWA: <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TIFFIN, IOWA: <br /> SECTION 1. PURPOSE.- The purpose of this ordinance is <br /> to prohibit the parking of- vehicles within restricted <br /> areas , on streets within the corporate limits of the City of <br /> ..Tiffin, Iowa. <br /> SECTION 2. DEFINITION. ,Motor vehicle means every <br /> vehicle which is self-propelled and shall include the <br /> definition of truck, tractor, motor truck, road tractors , as <br /> contained in Section 321. 1 of the ,1977 Code of Iowa as <br /> amended. <br /> SECTION 3. PARKING RESTRICTIONS . The City Council <br /> Shall have the authority to designate no parking areas <br /> • wherever such parking is found to be dangerous to traffic. <br /> These areas shall be designated by the placing of no parking <br /> signs at intervals of not more than two hundred and . fifty <br /> feet (250 ' ) . It shall be unlawful for any person to park in <br /> a no parking area or across a driveway or sidewalk. Further, <br /> the City Council shall have the authority to restrict the <br /> (�^^ hours of parking along any street, road or alley and to <br /> erect signs displaying said restrictions on parking. It <br /> shall be unlawful for any person to park any motor vehicle <br /> in violation of- these restricted hours of parking. Law <br /> enforcement vehicles shall be exempt from parking restrictions . <br /> SECTION 4. PENALTY. <br /> A. Fine. Anyone violating the provisions of this <br /> ordinance may be charged with a parking violation and given <br /> a ticket attached to the vehicle described in Section 3 , <br /> giving notice of the violation and a fine not exceeding <br /> $5. 00 , said fine to be payable to the City Clerk. Violations <br /> which are denied shall proceed before the court the same as <br /> other traffic violations. <br /> B. Owner prima facie responsible. If any vehicle is <br /> found stopped or parked in violation of Section 3 , the owner <br /> or person- or corporation in whose name said vehicle is <br /> registered shall be held prima facie responsible for said <br /> violation. <br /> C. Impoundment. If any vehicle has accumulated five <br /> (5) or more parking tickets or fifteen (15) or more dollars <br /> worth of accumulated violations of Section 3 , said vehicle <br /> I' may be impounded subject to the following conditions : <br /> • <br />