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f <br /> • <br /> l.. <br /> F ORDINANCE NO. Ar7 .7" <br /> TRAFFIC ORDINANCE : AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE USE OF THE <br /> STREETS , ALLEYS, HIGHWAYS BY VEHICLES OF ALL KINDS AND <br /> DESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR ,VIOLATIONS : <br /> BE IT ENACTED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TIFFIN, IOWA: <br /> SECTION 1. PURPOSE. The purpose of this ordinance is <br /> to regulate traffic and use of the streets of the City of <br /> Tiffin, Iowa, and to, provide for they enforcement of these <br /> regulations. <br /> SECTION 2. WORDS AND PHRASES. Where words and phrases <br /> used in this Ordinance are defined by the laws of Iowa, such <br /> definitions shall apply to this ordinance. <br /> • <br /> SECTION 3. POLICE ADMINISTRATION. The City Marshall <br /> and/or special police are hereby authorized to direct all <br /> traffic by voice and/or signalLin conformance with traffic <br /> laws. In the event of a fire :jor •-other emergency, the <br /> . marshal' or special police may direct traffic as conditions <br /> require notwithstanding provision of- traffic laws . <br /> SECTION 4. ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS. The City Marshall <br /> or special police shall investigate all traffic accidents <br /> and report his findings to the Mayor. If sufficient evidence <br /> of violation is found, proper action shall be taken against <br /> the violator. , <br /> w I <br /> SECTION 5. SPEED RESTRICTIONS . It shall be unlawful <br /> for any person to operate a` motor vehicle in excess of the <br /> following maximum allowable speeds : 25 miles per hour . <br /> throughout the city limits of the City of Tiffin, except for <br /> Highway #6 where the speed limit shall be 25 miles per hour, <br /> 45 miles per hour or 55 miles per hour, as posted. <br /> SECTION 6 . TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES . <br /> 1. Stop Sign: No driver of` a motor vehicle shall <br /> proceed through an- intersection marked by a stop sign before <br /> bringing the motor vehicle- to a complete stop before entering <br /> the intersection. <br /> 2. Other devices : The Mayor shall cause to be installed <br /> stop signs and other traffic control devices at those locations <br /> as determined by the Council. No driver of a motor vehicle <br /> shall disobey the instructions of any police officer directing <br /> traffic or any official traffic control device placed in <br /> • accordance of the direction of the Council. <br />