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I <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 1979-80 <br /> AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE CONTROL OF <br /> DOGS AND PRESCRIBING A PENALTY FOR VIOLATION, <br /> AND ACTING IN LIEU THEREOF, AN ORDINANCE <br /> REGULATING THE IMPOUNDING AND KEEPING OF <br /> ANIMALS IN THE CITY OF TIFFIN, IOWA <br /> • <br /> BE IT ENACTED by the City Council of the City of <br /> • <br /> Tiffin, Iowa: <br /> SECTION I. Definition: As used in this Chapter the <br /> following terms are defined: <br /> 1. "Animals" shall mean all living creatures, <br /> not human; <br /> • 2. "At large" shall mean any animal found off the -5 <br /> premises of its owner and not under the control of a <br /> competent person. Not being restrained on, a leash, <br /> restrained in a motor vehicle, or house, veterinary hos- <br /> pital, or kennel; <br /> 3. "Owner" means any person owning, keeping, sheltering <br /> or harboring' an animal; <br /> 4. "Licensed Dog" shall mean any dog bearing a currently <br /> valid tag under Chapter 351 of the Code of Iowa. <br /> SECTION II. Animals Running at Large: It shall be unlawful <br /> for an owner to allow dogs, cats, swine, sheep or other similar <br /> animals or fowl to run at large in the corporate limits of the <br /> City. <br /> SECTION III. Bothersome Animals: It shall be unlawful for <br /> • <br /> a person to keep within the City such bothersome animals as <br /> barking dogs, bees, cattle, horses, swine and sheep which tend <br /> to disrupt the peace and good order of the community unless <br /> kept on property zoned agricultural. <br /> SECTION IV. Damage or Interference: It shall be unlawful <br /> for the owner of an animal to allow or to let such animal to <br /> pass on the premises of another thereby causing damage to or <br /> interference with the premises. <br /> SECTION V. Number of Dogs: It shall be unlawful for any <br /> person to `keep upon property zoned residential, more than two <br /> dogs, except for pups. In the event that a female dog has <br /> pups the above regulation to two dogs, shall not apply until <br /> such pups are eight (8) weeks of age, at which time they <br /> will be considered dogs, and, fall under the two dogs limitation. <br /> SECTION VI. Annoyance or Disturbance: It shall be unlawful <br /> for the owner of a dog to- allow or permit such dog to cause <br /> serious annoyance or disturbance to any person or persons by <br /> frequent and habitual howling, yelping, barking or otherwise; <br /> or by running after or chasing persons, bicycles, automobiles <br /> or other vehicles. <br /> 1 <br />