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_ P <br /> ORDINANCE NO 07c1 - g 3 <br /> AN ORDINANCE REGULATING AND RESTRICTING THE LOCATION, <br /> CONSTRUCTION, AND USE OF BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES, AND THE <br /> USE OF LAND IN THE CITY OF ,TIFFIN, IOWA, AND FOR SAID PURPOSES <br /> DIVIDING THE CITY INTO DISTRICTS, AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR <br /> VIOLATIONS OF THE REGULATIONS. <br /> BE IT ENACTED BY THE COUNCIL. OF THE CITY OF TIFFIN, IOWA: <br /> SECTION 1: Short. Title. . ' This ordinance shall be known <br /> and may be cited as "The City of Tiffin, Iowa, Zoning Ordinance. " <br /> SECTION 2 : Purpose. The purpose of this ordinance is to <br /> provide adequate light and air, to prevent the overcrowding of <br /> land, to avoid undue concentration 'of population-, to regulate <br /> the use of land, and to promote the health, morals , safety and <br /> general welfare in the City of Tiffin, Iowa. <br /> SECTION 3: Definitions.' For use in this ordinance certain <br /> terms or words used herein shall be interpreted or defined as ; �J ` <br /> follows: <br /> 1. Words used in the present tense include the future <br /> tense. <br /> 2. The singular includes the plural. <br /> 3. The word "person" includes a corporation as well as <br /> an individual. <br /> 4 . The word "lot" includes the word "plat" or parcel.. <br /> 5. The term "shall" is' always mandatory. <br /> 6 . The word "used" or "occupied" as applied to any land <br /> or building shall be construed to include the words "intended, <br /> arranged or designed to be used or occupied. " <br /> 7. "Structure" means a combination of materials other <br /> than a' building to form a construction that is safe and stable <br /> and includes, among other things, stadiums, platforms, <br /> radio towers, sheds, storage bins, fences, signs and chicken <br /> coops. <br /> 8. "Trailer" means a vehicle equipped for use as a <br /> dwelling and designed to be hauled along a highway whether <br /> or not it is placed on permanent foundation unless converted <br /> to real ro er <br /> p p ty as defined by law for assessed valuation. <br /> 9 . "Double Trailer" means any trailer with a width <br /> at any point in -excess of 14 feet. <br /> 10. A "dwelling" is a building used as the living <br /> quarters for one or. more families, not including auto courts, <br /> rooming homes or tourist homes. <br /> a. A "Private Dwelling" is a dwelling occupied by . <br /> but one family alone.. <br /> b. A "Two-Family Dwelling" is a dwelling occupied <br /> by but two families alone: <br /> c. A "Multiple Dwelling" is a dwelling occupied by <br /> more than two families . <br />